kade_stardust (kade_stardust) wrote,

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ShutUpandDanceXo: uhhhhh i like it like that she workin that back i dont know how to act
ShutUpandDanceXo: slow motion for me slow motion for me
ShutUpandDanceXo: move in slow motion for me
Andrea: loveyou
ShutUpandDanceXo: slow down for you movin to fast my fingers keep slippin down that ass
ShutUpandDanceXo: im tryin to grip that ass*
Andrea: keep bein hard headed
Andrea: ima make you get on me
ShutUpandDanceXo: lol
ShutUpandDanceXo: lil mamma my shit together, i dont think that nigga could do ya better
Andrea: than i could do
Andrea: ya know
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